Our Story


It all started when...

I decided to open my kitchen to make healthy, delicious and preservative free meals for local families. I started after being laid off after 12 years managing a medical clinic and didn't have enough money to pay bills. I loved cooking and posted on Facebook offering to cook for a few families.  I got 150 responses! It went bananas. In the beginning, I was cooking in my very own kitchen, hence the name... Sarah's Kitchen. We grew and moved to a commercial kitchen, made it an official, licensed business, and started to flourish!

After I was back on my feet, I posted again on Facebook asking if anyone was in need of added kindness.  So much goodness had come to me and reaching out to those struggling with loneliness or lack of support seemed like a natural way to complete the circle.

I began by delivering homemade quiche to a woman battling cancer. I fed her, loved on her with my food and people began to associate Sarah's Kitchen with kindness. This grew in an organic way as people heard our story and wanted to get involved--with our food and our kindness campaigns.  Today we partner closely with the Sacramento Kindness Campaign and have helped both American and refugee families to develop life skills, increase literacy, and to find careers, companionship, and hope.

Sarah's Kitchen trains disadvantaged and displaced adults in kitchen and catering, back office skills, and management so they can find meaningful employment in the thriving Sacramento farm-to-fork restaurant scene.